Returning to Club activity – Conduct

  1. Government social distancing and hygiene measures to be followed at all times
  2. Do not come to the club if you are having any symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive for Corona Virus symptoms
  3. All personal belongings to be taken on to the court at time of play
  4. Players agree in advance to follow notices and guidance
  5. Players to stay 1m+ apart as much as possible
  6. No handshaking/slapping of hands (touching bats is sufficient to acknowledge your opponent), breathing on the ball or wiping hands on the table.
  7. Do not change ends during the match.
  8. Towels and water bottles etc to always be kept in a players bag
  9. Bring own personal bat and TT balls – no equipment is to be shared.
  10. Ensure TT balls are cleaned regularly
  11. Wash hands regularly
  12. After play wipe down your side of the table using the spray and paper towel supplied
  13. Showers and changing rooms must not be used
  14. Take responsibility for your own hygiene by bringing you own hand gel in addition to that provided at the Centre