Benson, Vic - Average = 57.14% (Last 3 matches = 64.29%)
(Current Handicap 140)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Benson, Vic's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
150Naranjo, Rommel (100)Inception17/2121/18+623/2127/182-0 Won
150Moreno, Jose (95)Urban Fighters 26/219/21+713/2116/210-2 Lost
150Marinov, Martin (65)Inception4/214/21+913/2113/210-2 Lost
180Ginn, John (210)Cobra Cowboys21/1421/14-521/1921/192-0 Won
180Masters, John (205)Cobra Cowboys21/1321/13-421/1721/172-0 Won
190Patel, Paresh (165)Diversity16/2121/20+420/2125/201-1 Draw
190Brown, Tony (180)Diversity21/1721/12+223/1723/122-0 Won
190Hacking, Noah (100)Urban Fighters 18/2112/21+1018/2122/211-1 Draw
190Radiven, Max (70)Urban Fighters 17/215/21+1118/2116/210-2 Lost
200Wade, Chris (65)Kidston17/2116/21+1229/2128/212-0 Won
200Waddingham, George (40)Kidston8/213/21+1422/2117/211-1 Draw
200Gale, Brian (175)Pimples Out21/1021/14+425/1025/142-0 Won
200Cocks, Dave (180)Pimples Out21/1916/21+324/1919/211-1 Draw
200Walton, Michael (145)Pimples Out13/217/21+720/2114/210-2 Lost