Boardman, Michael - Average = 54.63% (Last 3 matches = 47.22%)
(Current Handicap 5)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Boardman, Michael's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
5Landry, Angelica (215)The Abstainers21/1321/8-1621/2921/240-2 Lost
5Forbes, John (190)The Abstainers21/521/6-1521/2021/211½-½ Won
5Sutherland, Ian (205)The Abstainers21/821/3-1521/2321/181-1 Draw
5Felstead, Ben (215)The Hit Men21/521/8-1621/2121/24½-1½ Lost
5Gale, Brian (190)Hadley Wood21/821/6-1521/2321/21½-1½ Lost
5Mistri, Kiran (95)The Hit Men21/920/21-1021/1920/311-1 Draw
5Toumbas, Gill (95)Simply the Rest21/821/15-1021/1821/251-1 Draw
5Olagboyega, Abdul (45)Simply the Rest21/1021/12-621/1621/182-0 Won
5Bayman, Joan (225)Simply the Rest21/621/2-1621/2221/181-1 Draw
5Faux, Chris (280)The Wannabies21/621/4-1821/2421/220-2 Lost
5McCann, Tom (225)The Wannabies21/321/3-1621/1921/192-0 Won
5Capocci, Dino (255)The Wannabies21/321/3-1721/2021/202-0 Won
10Walton, Michael (105)The Rolling Bones21/721/8-1021/1721/182-0 Won
10Rehman, Manzar (120)The Rolling Bones11/2114/21-1111/3214/320-2 Lost
10Young, Paul (130)The Rolling Bones21/621/6-1121/1721/172-0 Won
15Marinov, Martin (85)Inception21/1221/9-821/2021/172-0 Won
15Shum, Tony (90)Inception21/621/10-821/1421/182-0 Won
15Radiven, Jo (145)Inception21/821/13-1221/2021/251-1 Draw
15Ray, Brian (330)Cobra Cowboys21/421/2-1821/2221/201-1 Draw
15Bowe, Alan (235)Cobra Cowboys21/321/5-1621/1921/211½-½ Won
15O'Leary, Adrian (245)Cobra Cowboys21/121/3-1621/1721/192-0 Won
10Menari, Hiroko (245)The Barnet Belles21/421/7-1721/2121/24½-1½ Lost
10Armsby, Lynda (260)The Barnet Belles21/221/6-1721/1921/231-1 Draw
10Bernbaum, Pamela (315)The Barnet Belles21/221/4-1821/2021/221-1 Draw
10Clark, Brian (200)Straw, Berries & Cream21/821/18-1521/2321/330-2 Lost
10Clarke, Charlotte (180)Straw, Berries & Cream21/1121/10-1421/2521/240-2 Lost
10McSweeney, Colin (285)Straw, Berries & Cream21/421/2-1821/2221/201-1 Draw