Carpenter, John - Average = 31.25% (Last 3 matches = 31.25%)
(Current Handicap 65)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Carpenter, John's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
60Tibbles, Colin (165)Pimples Out21/1921/11-1121/3021/220-2 Lost
60Cocks, Dave (210)Pimples Out21/921/11-1321/2221/240-2 Lost
60Rehman, Manzar (110)The Lockdowners21/1112/21-621/1712/271-1 Draw
60Hyman, Terry (190)The Lockdowners21/1421/17-1221/2621/290-2 Lost
60Check, Lawrence (115)The Lockdowners21/1711/21-721/2411/280-2 Lost
60Keyes, Steve (120)G Force21/1921/13-721/2621/201-1 Draw
60Thomas, Allen (160)G Force21/717/21-1021/1717/311-1 Draw
60McCleary, Ross (200)G Force21/621/5-1321/1921/182-0 Won