Clarke, Tony - Average = 66.67% (Last 3 matches = 86.11%)
(Current Handicap 225)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Clarke, Tony's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
240Ali, Syed (130)G & T's6/2112/21+1117/2123/211-1 Draw
240Sarner, Jennifer (280)G & T's21/1221/7-621/1821/132-0 Won
240Wober, Richard (150)G & T's12/2113/21+1022/2123/212-0 Won
270Tempest, Roy (105)The Rolling Bones9/2117/21+1423/2131/212-0 Won
270Check, Lawrence (95)Silver Knights11/2114/21+1526/2129/212-0 Won
270Young, Paul (150)The Rolling Bones20/2115/21+1131/2126/212-0 Won
270Bowe, Alan (220)Cobra Cowboys21/1421/16+627/1427/162-0 Won
270Radwell, Peter (140)Cobra Cowboys9/2110/21+1221/2122/211½-½ Won
270O'Leary, Adrian (320)Cobra Cowboys21/921/16-621/1521/221-1 Draw
270McCleary, Ross (160)G-Force5/2121/12+1116/2132/121-1 Draw
270Keyes, Steve (120)G-Force13/218/21+1326/2121/211½-½ Won
270Bernad, Barna (95)G-Force10/215/21+1525/2120/211-1 Draw
255Blackwell, Lorna (250)The Barnet Belles21/1421/16+122/1422/162-0 Won
255Freeman, Nobuko (260)The Barnet Belles21/1321/16-121/1421/172-0 Won
255Kenny-Tempest, Catherine (290)The Barnet Belles14/2121/18-514/2621/230-2 Lost
240Martin, David (250)Straw, Berries & Cream21/2021/15-221/2221/171-1 Draw
240Clark, Brian (160)Straw, Berries & Cream15/218/21+924/2117/211-1 Draw
240Clarke, Charlotte (200)Straw, Berries & Cream20/2117/21+626/2123/212-0 Won
240Brown, Tony (160)The Fursty Ferrets7/2111/21+916/2120/210-2 Lost
240Kirman, Mike (180)The Fursty Ferrets6/2121/18+713/2128/181-1 Draw
240Kirman, Andy (160)The Fursty Ferrets7/216/21+916/2115/210-2 Lost