Critoph, John - Average = 47.37% (Last 3 matches = 62.5%)
(Current Handicap 250)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Critoph, John's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
265Mablin, Ian (75)Inception7/2110/21+1522/2125/212-0 Won
265Radiven, Jo (125)Inception12/217/21+1325/2120/211-1 Draw
265Shum, Tony (95)Inception7/2115/21+1421/2129/211½-½ Won
280Radiven, Max (15)Urban Fighters 15/211/21+1823/2119/211-1 Draw
280Hacking, Noah (65)Urban Fighters 114/213/21+1630/2119/211-1 Draw
280Walton, Michael (145)Pimples Out6/2119/21+1218/2131/211-1 Draw
280Cocks, Dave (195)Pimples Out16/2112/21+925/2121/211½-½ Won
280Tibbles, Colin (155)Pimples Out5/2118/21+1217/2130/211-1 Draw
265Tempest, Roy (165)Rolling Bones11/2111/21+1021/2121/211-1 Draw
265Bloom, Ian (150)Rolling Bones11/2121/18+1122/2132/182-0 Won
265Toumbas, Gill (115)Rolling Bones6/215/21+1319/2118/210-2 Lost
250Landry, Angelica (220)Mayfield Mafia12/2120/21+517/2125/211-1 Draw
250Botelho, Tony (170)Mayfield Mafia10/2111/21+919/2120/210-2 Lost
250Forbes, John (210)Mayfield Mafia21/1921/18+627/1927/182-0 Won
220Hacking, Euan (155)Urban Fighters 211/2112/21+819/2120/210-2 Lost
220Moreno, Jose (105)Urban Fighters 25/218/21+1116/2119/210-2 Lost
220Brown, John (150)G Force21/1921/18+829/1929/182-0 Won
220Esposito, Geno (160)G Force13/2110/21+720/2117/210-2 Lost
220Harris, Greig (150)G Force5/216/21+813/2114/210-2 Lost