English, Mandy - 75%
(Current Handicap 155)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

English, Mandy's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
175Hacking, Nick (150)Urban Fighters 220/2120/21+424/2124/212-0 Won
175Hacking, Noah (100)Urban Fighters 120/2116/21+828/2124/212-0 Won
175Radiven, Max (70)Urban Fighters 19/2111/21+1120/2122/211-1 Draw
175Waddingham, George (40)Kidston6/218/21+1218/2120/210-2 Lost
175Garrett, Tony (130)Kidston19/2120/21+625/2126/212-0 Won
175Wade, Chris (65)Kidston11/2114/21+1122/2125/212-0 Won