Reiss, Melvyn - Average = 55.88% (Last 3 matches = 55.56%)
(Current Handicap 65)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Reiss, Melvyn's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
65Gibson, Bob (50)The Good Old Boys16/2121/12+319/2124/121-1 Draw
65Wong, Les (85)The Good Old Boys15/2113/21-315/2413/240-2 Lost
65Carlyle, Gordon (75)The Good Old Boys21/820/21-221/1020/231-1 Draw
70Boardman, Mike (20)Adeyfield16/2114/21+622/2120/211-1 Draw
70Finn, Nigel (55)Adeyfield21/1821/10+324/1824/102-0 Won
70Leech, Les (40)Adeyfield14/2121/15+519/2126/151-1 Draw
70Nicolaou, Bambos (70)Naan21/1321/12+021/1321/122-0 Won
70Calver, David (80)The Hit Men21/721/17-221/921/192-0 Won
70Okunalaiye, Yomi (125)Naan21/1621/17-721/2321/240-2 Lost
70Middleton, Dave (80)Hadley Wood20/2121/13-220/2321/151-1 Draw
70Fereday, Ann (220)Hadley Wood21/1221/10-1321/2521/230-2 Lost
70Hartridge, Keith (115)Hadley Wood21/1321/11-621/1921/172-0 Won
70Walton, Michael (130)The Entertainers21/1821/11-721/2521/181-1 Draw
70Forbes, John (275)The Entertainers21/221/6-1621/1821/221-1 Draw
70Watts, Tony (225)The Entertainers21/421/10-1321/1721/231-1 Draw
70Kajcsa, Arpad (50)Rough Edges21/1620/21+324/1623/212-0 Won
70Purcell, Christian (110)Rough Edges14/2121/9-614/2721/151-1 Draw