Senior, John - Average = 62.5% (Last 3 matches = 62.5%)
(Current Handicap 205)

Player of the match 3 time(s)

Senior, John's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
205Landry, Angelica (180)The Abstainers18/2113/21+422/2117/211-1 Draw
205Costa, Rob (135)The Abstainers14/2110/21+822/2118/211-1 Draw
205Brunker, Martin (160)The Abstainers21/1716/21+627/1722/212-0 Won
220Toumbas, Gill (105)Simply the Rest5/2117/21+1116/2128/211-1 Draw
220Bayman, Joan (240)Simply the Rest20/2121/13-320/2421/161-1 Draw
220Bayman, Peter (105)Simply the Rest5/219/21+1116/2120/210-2 Lost
235Faux, Chris (250)The Wannabies21/1721/16-321/2021/192-0 Won
235Lipman, Mark (300)The Wannabies21/721/6-821/1521/142-0 Won
250Bowe, Alan (220)Cobra Cowboys21/1617/21+526/1622/212-0 Won
250O'Leary, Adrian (320)Cobra Cowboys17/2121/10-817/2921/181-1 Draw
250Radwell, Peter (140)Cobra Cowboys13/2119/21+1124/2130/212-0 Won
250Walton, Michael (145)The Rolling Bones3/215/21+1114/2116/210-2 Lost
250Young, Paul (130)The Rolling Bones13/215/21+1124/2116/211-1 Draw
250Marinov, Martin (90)Inception9/212/21+1423/2116/211-1 Draw
250Radiven, Jo (100)Inception15/215/21+1328/2118/211-1 Draw
250Shum, Tony (85)Inception10/2112/21+1424/2126/212-0 Won