Shah, Ashok - Average = 47.92% (Last 3 matches = 50%)
(Current Handicap 140)

Player of the match 1 time(s)

Shah, Ashok's scores and points are listed first.
Actual ScoreHandicap Score
H'CapOpponent (H'Cap)TeamGame 1Game 2DiffGame 1Game 2Result
160Hall, Peter (175)Kidston A-ardvarks21/1721/10-321/2021/132-0 Won
160Garrett, Tony (150)Kidston A-ardvarks21/1221/15+223/1223/152-0 Won
160Shah, Aarav (90)Urban Fighters12/2112/21+820/2120/210-2 Lost
160Hacking, Noah (105)Urban Fighters13/2113/21+720/2120/210-2 Lost
170Pini, Adrian (145)Hadley Wood13/2112/21+417/2116/210-2 Lost
170Gale, Brian (160)Hadley Wood20/2121/13+222/2123/132-0 Won
170Shum, Tony (90)Inception11/2110/21+920/2119/210-2 Lost
170Marinov, Martin (70)Inception13/2119/21+1023/2129/212-0 Won
160Clarke, Charlotte (190)Straw, Berries & Cream21/810/21-521/1310/261-1 Draw
160McSweeney, Colin (285)Straw, Berries & Cream21/1421/2-1221/2621/141-1 Draw
160Miller, Colin (185)Bohemian Rhapsody21/1712/21-421/2112/25½-1½ Lost
160Morphitis, Thanos (100)Bohemian Rhapsody21/1910/21+728/1917/211-1 Draw