Summer League Fixtures

DateHome TeamScoreAway Team
Mon 15/04/2019Silver Knights8.0-12.0Elstree & Borehamwood
Mon 15/04/2019Table Tenners8.5-11.5The Abstainers
Mon 15/04/2019Kidston A-ardvarks7.0-13.0The Fursty Ferrets
Mon 15/04/2019Bohemian Rhapsody12.5-7.5The Wannabies
Tue 16/04/2019Hadley Wood9.0-11.0Naan
Tue 16/04/2019Inception9.0-11.0Cobra Cowboys
Tue 16/04/2019The Rolling Bones6.5-13.5G-Force
Tue 16/04/2019Urban Fighters12.5-7.5The Barnet Belles
Wed 17/04/2019Chocoholics14.0-6.0Simply the Rest
Thu 18/04/2019Kidston B-uffalos9.0-11.0Adeyfield
Thu 18/04/2019G & T's11.0-9.0Straw, Berries & Cream
Thu 18/04/2019Non-Alcoholics11.0-9.0The Hit Men
Tue 23/04/2019Straw, Berries & Cream11.5-8.5Kidston A-ardvarks
Tue 23/04/2019Naan10.5-9.5Urban Fighters
Tue 23/04/2019The Hit Men8.5-11.5Chocoholics
Tue 23/04/2019Silver Knights6.5-13.5Table Tenners
Wed 24/04/2019Elstree & Borehamwood18.0-2.0Inception
Wed 24/04/2019Cobra Cowboys8.0-12.0The Rolling Bones
Wed 24/04/2019The Barnet Belles5.5-14.5G & T's
Wed 24/04/2019Adeyfield4.0-16.0Non-Alcoholics
Thu 25/04/2019The Abstainers16.0-4.0Kidston B-uffalos
Thu 25/04/2019Simply the Rest5.0-15.0Bohemian Rhapsody
Thu 25/04/2019The Wannabies9.0-11.0The Fursty Ferrets
Thu 25/04/2019G-Force11.5-8.5Hadley Wood
Mon 29/04/2019Kidston A-ardvarks11.0-9.0The Barnet Belles
Mon 29/04/2019Table Tenners13.5-6.5Elstree & Borehamwood
Mon 29/04/2019The Wannabies14.5-5.5Straw, Berries & Cream
Mon 29/04/2019Bohemian Rhapsody12.0-8.0The Hit Men
Tue 30/04/2019Urban Fighters2.5-17.5G-Force
Tue 30/04/2019The Rolling Bones10.0-10.0Inception
Tue 30/04/2019The Fursty Ferrets12.0-8.0Simply the Rest
Tue 30/04/2019Hadley Wood9.0-11.0Cobra Cowboys
Wed 01/05/2019Chocoholics5.0-15.0Adeyfield
Thu 02/05/2019Non-Alcoholics12.0-8.0The Abstainers
Thu 02/05/2019G & T's11.5-8.5Naan
Thu 02/05/2019Kidston B-uffalos13.0-7.0Silver Knights
Tue 07/05/2019Table Tenners13.5-6.5Kidston B-uffalos
Tue 07/05/2019The Hit Men11.5-8.5The Fursty Ferrets
Tue 07/05/2019Naan12.5-7.5Kidston A-ardvarks
Tue 07/05/2019Inception15.5-4.5Hadley Wood
Wed 08/05/2019The Barnet Belles11.0-9.0The Wannabies
Wed 08/05/2019Silver Knights4.0-16.0Non-Alcoholics
Wed 08/05/2019Adeyfield11.5-8.5Bohemian Rhapsody
Wed 08/05/2019Elstree & Borehamwood4.5-15.5The Rolling Bones
Thu 09/05/2019The Abstainers10.0-10.0Chocoholics
Thu 09/05/2019Simply the Rest5.5-14.5Straw, Berries & Cream
Thu 09/05/2019G-Force14.0-6.0G & T's
Thu 09/05/2019Cobra Cowboys9.5-10.5Urban Fighters
Mon 13/05/2019Kidston A-ardvarks9.5-10.5G-Force
Mon 13/05/2019The Wannabies7.5-12.5Naan
Mon 13/05/2019Bohemian Rhapsody10.5-9.5The Abstainers
Tue 14/05/2019Urban Fighters13.0-7.0Inception
Tue 14/05/2019The Fursty Ferrets6.0-14.0Adeyfield
Tue 14/05/2019Straw, Berries & Cream5.5-14.5The Hit Men
Tue 14/05/2019Hadley Wood9.5-10.5The Rolling Bones
Wed 15/05/2019Chocoholics11.0-9.0Silver Knights
Thu 16/05/2019Kidston B-uffalos16.0-4.0Elstree & Borehamwood
Thu 16/05/2019Simply the Rest11.0-9.0The Barnet Belles
Thu 16/05/2019G & T's6.5-13.5Cobra Cowboys
Thu 16/05/2019Non-Alcoholics9.0-11.0Table Tenners
Mon 20/05/2019Cobra Cowboys6.5-13.5Kidston A-ardvarks
Mon 20/05/2019Silver Knights8.5-11.5Bohemian Rhapsody
Mon 20/05/2019Table Tenners8.5-11.5Chocoholics
Mon 20/05/2019The Abstainers10.5-9.5The Fursty Ferrets
Tue 21/05/2019Inception13.5-6.5G & T's
Tue 21/05/2019The Hit Men13.0-7.0The Barnet Belles
Tue 21/05/2019Naan7.0-13.0Simply the Rest
Tue 21/05/2019The Rolling Bones5.0-15.0Urban Fighters
Wed 22/05/2019Adeyfield9.5-10.5Straw, Berries & Cream
Wed 22/05/2019Elstree & Borehamwood12.0-8.0Hadley Wood
Thu 23/05/2019G-Force13.5-6.5The Wannabies
Thu 23/05/2019Kidston B-uffalos11.5-8.5Non-Alcoholics
Tue 28/05/2019Urban Fighters10.0-10.0Hadley Wood
Tue 28/05/2019The Hit Men15.0-5.0Naan
Tue 28/05/2019Straw, Berries & Cream11.5-8.5The Abstainers
Tue 28/05/2019The Fursty Ferrets7.0-13.0Silver Knights
Wed 29/05/2019Chocoholics7.5-12.5Kidston B-uffalos
Wed 29/05/2019Kidston A-ardvarks6.0-14.0Inception
Wed 29/05/2019The Barnet Belles9.5-10.5Adeyfield
Wed 29/05/2019Bohemian Rhapsody14.0-6.0Table Tenners
Thu 30/05/2019Non-Alcoholics14.5-5.5Elstree & Borehamwood
Thu 30/05/2019G & T's6.5-13.5The Rolling Bones
Thu 30/05/2019The Wannabies7.0-13.0Cobra Cowboys
Thu 30/05/2019Simply the Rest16.0-4.0G-Force
Mon 03/06/2019Cobra Cowboys10.5-9.5Simply the Rest
Mon 03/06/2019Silver Knights14.0-6.0Straw, Berries & Cream
Mon 03/06/2019Table Tenners9.0-11.0The Fursty Ferrets
Mon 03/06/2019The Abstainers15.5-4.5The Barnet Belles
Tue 04/06/2019Inception12.5-7.5The Wannabies
Tue 04/06/2019The Rolling Bones7.0-13.0Kidston A-ardvarks
Tue 04/06/2019Hadley Wood10.5-9.5G & T's
Wed 05/06/2019Elstree & Borehamwood10.5-9.5Urban Fighters
Wed 05/06/2019Adeyfield14.5-5.5Naan
Thu 06/06/2019G-Force14.0-6.0The Hit Men
Thu 06/06/2019Kidston B-uffalos9.5-10.5Bohemian Rhapsody
Thu 06/06/2019Non-Alcoholics10.0-10.0Chocoholics
Mon 10/06/2019Bohemian Rhapsody10.5-9.5Non-Alcoholics
Mon 10/06/2019Kidston A-ardvarks17.0-3.0Hadley Wood
Mon 10/06/2019The Wannabies4.5-15.5The Rolling Bones
Tue 11/06/2019The Fursty Ferrets7.5-12.5Kidston B-uffalos
Tue 11/06/2019Naan11.0-9.0The Abstainers
Tue 11/06/2019Straw, Berries & Cream7.0-13.0Table Tenners
Tue 11/06/2019The Hit Men11.5-8.5Cobra Cowboys
Wed 12/06/2019Adeyfield10.0-10.0G-Force
Wed 12/06/2019The Barnet Belles7.0-13.0Silver Knights
Wed 12/06/2019Chocoholics10.0-10.0Elstree & Borehamwood
Thu 13/06/2019G & T's13.0-7.0Urban Fighters
Thu 13/06/2019Simply the Rest15.0-5.0Inception
Mon 17/06/2019The Abstainers-G-Force
Mon 17/06/2019Table Tenners-The Barnet Belles
Mon 17/06/2019Silver Knights-Naan
Mon 17/06/2019Cobra Cowboys-Adeyfield
Tue 18/06/2019Hadley Wood-The Wannabies
Tue 18/06/2019Urban Fighters-Kidston A-ardvarks
Tue 18/06/2019The Rolling Bones-Simply the Rest
Tue 18/06/2019Inception-The Hit Men
Wed 19/06/2019Chocoholics-Bohemian Rhapsody
Wed 19/06/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-G & T's
Thu 20/06/2019Kidston B-uffalos-Straw, Berries & Cream
Thu 20/06/2019Non-Alcoholics-The Fursty Ferrets
Mon 24/06/2019The Wannabies-Urban Fighters
Mon 24/06/2019Kidston A-ardvarks-G & T's
Mon 24/06/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-Elstree & Borehamwood
Mon 24/06/2019The Abstainers-Cobra Cowboys
Tue 25/06/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-Non-Alcoholics
Tue 25/06/2019Naan-Table Tenners
Tue 25/06/2019The Fursty Ferrets-Chocoholics
Tue 25/06/2019The Hit Men-The Rolling Bones
Wed 26/06/2019The Barnet Belles-Kidston B-uffalos
Wed 26/06/2019Adeyfield-Inception
Thu 27/06/2019Simply the Rest-Hadley Wood
Thu 27/06/2019G-Force-Silver Knights
Mon 01/07/2019Silver Knights-Cobra Cowboys
Mon 01/07/2019Table Tenners-G-Force
Mon 01/07/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-The Fursty Ferrets
Tue 02/07/2019Urban Fighters-Simply the Rest
Tue 02/07/2019Inception-The Abstainers
Tue 02/07/2019Hadley Wood-The Hit Men
Tue 02/07/2019The Rolling Bones-Adeyfield
Wed 03/07/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-Kidston A-ardvarks
Wed 03/07/2019Chocoholics-Straw, Berries & Cream
Thu 04/07/2019Kidston B-uffalos-Naan
Thu 04/07/2019Non-Alcoholics-The Barnet Belles
Thu 04/07/2019G & T's-The Wannabies
Mon 08/07/2019The Wannabies-Kidston A-ardvarks
Mon 08/07/2019Silver Knights-Inception
Mon 08/07/2019Cobra Cowboys-Table Tenners
Mon 08/07/2019The Abstainers-The Rolling Bones
Tue 09/07/2019The Hit Men-Urban Fighters
Tue 09/07/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-Bohemian Rhapsody
Tue 09/07/2019Naan-Non-Alcoholics
Tue 09/07/2019The Fursty Ferrets-Elstree & Borehamwood
Wed 10/07/2019The Barnet Belles-Chocoholics
Wed 10/07/2019Adeyfield-Hadley Wood
Thu 11/07/2019G-Force-Kidston B-uffalos
Thu 11/07/2019Simply the Rest-G & T's
Mon 15/07/2019Kidston A-ardvarks-Simply the Rest
Mon 15/07/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-The Barnet Belles
Mon 15/07/2019Table Tenners-Inception
Tue 16/07/2019The Rolling Bones-Silver Knights
Tue 16/07/2019Hadley Wood-The Abstainers
Tue 16/07/2019The Fursty Ferrets-Straw, Berries & Cream
Tue 16/07/2019Urban Fighters-Adeyfield
Wed 17/07/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-The Wannabies
Wed 17/07/2019Chocoholics-Naan
Thu 18/07/2019G & T's-The Hit Men
Thu 18/07/2019Non-Alcoholics-G-Force
Thu 18/07/2019Kidston B-uffalos-Cobra Cowboys
Mon 22/07/2019The Abstainers-Urban Fighters
Mon 22/07/2019Cobra Cowboys-Non-Alcoholics
Mon 22/07/2019Table Tenners-The Rolling Bones
Mon 22/07/2019Silver Knights-Hadley Wood
Tue 23/07/2019Inception-Kidston B-uffalos
Tue 23/07/2019The Hit Men-Kidston A-ardvarks
Tue 23/07/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-Elstree & Borehamwood
Tue 23/07/2019Naan-Bohemian Rhapsody
Wed 24/07/2019The Barnet Belles-The Fursty Ferrets
Wed 24/07/2019Adeyfield-G & T's
Thu 25/07/2019Simply the Rest-The Wannabies
Thu 25/07/2019G-Force-Chocoholics
Mon 29/07/2019Kidston A-ardvarks-Adeyfield
Mon 29/07/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-G-Force
Mon 29/07/2019The Wannabies-The Hit Men
Tue 30/07/2019Urban Fighters-Silver Knights
Tue 30/07/2019The Fursty Ferrets-Naan
Tue 30/07/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-The Barnet Belles
Tue 30/07/2019Hadley Wood-Table Tenners
Wed 31/07/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-Simply the Rest
Wed 31/07/2019Chocoholics-Cobra Cowboys
Thu 01/08/2019Kidston B-uffalos-The Rolling Bones
Thu 01/08/2019G & T's-The Abstainers
Thu 01/08/2019Non-Alcoholics-Inception
Mon 05/08/2019Silver Knights-G & T's
Mon 05/08/2019Cobra Cowboys-Bohemian Rhapsody
Mon 05/08/2019The Abstainers-Kidston A-ardvarks
Mon 05/08/2019Table Tenners-Urban Fighters
Tue 06/08/2019The Hit Men-Simply the Rest
Tue 06/08/2019Inception-Chocoholics
Tue 06/08/2019Naan-Straw, Berries & Cream
Tue 06/08/2019The Rolling Bones-Non-Alcoholics
Wed 07/08/2019The Barnet Belles-Elstree & Borehamwood
Wed 07/08/2019Adeyfield-The Wannabies
Thu 08/08/2019G-Force-The Fursty Ferrets
Thu 08/08/2019Kidston B-uffalos-Hadley Wood
Mon 12/08/2019Kidston A-ardvarks-Silver Knights
Mon 12/08/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-Inception
Mon 12/08/2019The Wannabies-The Abstainers
Tue 13/08/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-G-Force
Tue 13/08/2019The Fursty Ferrets-Cobra Cowboys
Tue 13/08/2019Urban Fighters-Kidston B-uffalos
Wed 14/08/2019Chocoholics-The Rolling Bones
Wed 14/08/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-The Hit Men
Wed 14/08/2019The Barnet Belles-Naan
Thu 15/08/2019Non-Alcoholics-Hadley Wood
Thu 15/08/2019G & T's-Table Tenners
Thu 15/08/2019Simply the Rest-Adeyfield
Mon 19/08/2019Cobra Cowboys-Straw, Berries & Cream
Mon 19/08/2019The Abstainers-Simply the Rest
Mon 19/08/2019Table Tenners-Kidston A-ardvarks
Mon 19/08/2019Silver Knights-The Wannabies
Tue 20/08/2019The Rolling Bones-Bohemian Rhapsody
Tue 20/08/2019Inception-The Fursty Ferrets
Tue 20/08/2019Hadley Wood-Chocoholics
Tue 20/08/2019Naan-Elstree & Borehamwood
Wed 21/08/2019Adeyfield-The Hit Men
Thu 22/08/2019Kidston B-uffalos-G & T's
Thu 22/08/2019Non-Alcoholics-Urban Fighters
Thu 22/08/2019G-Force-The Barnet Belles
Tue 27/08/2019Naan-G-Force
Tue 27/08/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-Inception
Tue 27/08/2019The Fursty Ferrets-The Rolling Bones
Tue 27/08/2019The Hit Men-The Abstainers
Wed 28/08/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-Adeyfield
Wed 28/08/2019The Barnet Belles-Cobra Cowboys
Wed 28/08/2019Chocoholics-Urban Fighters
Wed 28/08/2019The Wannabies-Table Tenners
Thu 29/08/2019G & T's-Non-Alcoholics
Thu 29/08/2019Kidston A-ardvarks-Kidston B-uffalos
Thu 29/08/2019Simply the Rest-Silver Knights
Thu 29/08/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-Hadley Wood
Mon 02/09/2019Cobra Cowboys-Naan
Mon 02/09/2019The Abstainers-Adeyfield
Mon 02/09/2019Silver Knights-The Hit Men
Mon 02/09/2019Table Tenners-Simply the Rest
Tue 03/09/2019The Rolling Bones-Straw, Berries & Cream
Tue 03/09/2019Urban Fighters-Bohemian Rhapsody
Tue 03/09/2019Inception-The Barnet Belles
Tue 03/09/2019Hadley Wood-The Fursty Ferrets
Wed 04/09/2019Chocoholics-G & T's
Thu 05/09/2019Kidston B-uffalos-The Wannabies
Thu 05/09/2019Non-Alcoholics-Kidston A-ardvarks
Thu 05/09/2019G-Force-Elstree & Borehamwood
Mon 09/09/2019The Wannabies-Non-Alcoholics
Mon 09/09/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-G & T's
Mon 09/09/2019Kidston A-ardvarks-Chocoholics
Tue 10/09/2019The Fursty Ferrets-Urban Fighters
Tue 10/09/2019Straw, Berries & Cream-Hadley Wood
Tue 10/09/2019The Hit Men-Table Tenners
Tue 10/09/2019Naan-Inception
Wed 11/09/2019Adeyfield-Silver Knights
Wed 11/09/2019Elstree & Borehamwood-The Abstainers
Wed 11/09/2019The Barnet Belles-The Rolling Bones
Thu 12/09/2019G-Force-Cobra Cowboys
Thu 12/09/2019Simply the Rest-Kidston B-uffalos
Mon 16/09/2019Silver Knights-The Abstainers
Mon 16/09/2019Bohemian Rhapsody-Kidston A-ardvarks
Mon 16/09/2019Table Tenners-Adeyfield
Mon 16/09/2019Cobra Cowboys-Elstree & Borehamwood
Tue 17/09/2019The Rolling Bones-Naan
Tue 17/09/2019Urban Fighters-Straw, Berries & Cream
Tue 17/09/2019Inception-G-Force
Tue 17/09/2019Hadley Wood-The Barnet Belles
Wed 18/09/2019Chocoholics-The Wannabies
Thu 19/09/2019Non-Alcoholics-Simply the Rest
Thu 19/09/2019G & T's-The Fursty Ferrets
Thu 19/09/2019Kidston B-uffalos-The Hit Men