BTTC Regulations



  1. Government and TTE social distancing and hygiene measures are to be followed at all times.
  2. Do not come to the Centre if you have any Corona Virus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been tested positive for Corona Virus.
  3. All personal belongings to be taken on to the court at time of play and not left in the lounge.
  4. Players agree in advance to follow notices and guidance which are on display. These will be updated as and when changes are made to the advice and guidance issued by the Government and TTE
  5. Players to stay 1m+ apart as much as possible.
  6. No handshaking/slapping of hands (touching bats is sufficient to acknowledge your opponent), breathing on the ball or wiping hands on the table.
  7. Do not change ends during the game.
  8. Towels and water bottles etc to always be kept in a players bag.
  9. Bring own personal bat and TT balls – no equipment is to be shared.
  10. Ensure TT balls are cleaned regularly.
  11. Wash hands regularly.
  12. The table should be cleaned before vacating so it is ready for the next booking.
  13. Showers and changing rooms must not be used and you should arrive already changed to play with the exception of shoes which must conform to the centre rules i.e. no outdoor shoes to be worn in the playing area.
  14. Take responsibility for your own hygiene by bringing your own hand gel in addition to that provided at the Centre.
  15. For those who have downloaded the Covid App please use the displayed QR code sited at the entrance to the Centre.

TIER 2 RULES as at 4.30pm 3 December for players over 18

  1. Over 18 players can ‘train’ with a people from their own household or with one person from one other household only; training in larger groups will only be possible if with people from the same household or support bubble.
  2. Multiple groups of two people can be in the hall at any one time, but they must not mix when playing or socially when finished. Players may play with a different person from another household the following day. Doubles play is not permitted, unless with members of your own household.


  1. A maximum of 6 tables will be available each in their own netted off space which conforms to TTE guidelines.
  2. There will be a maximum of 24 players allowed in the Centre at any one time but this number will be reviewed as circumstances change.
  3. A one metre distancing line is in place at the main bar hatch and must be observed at all times except when collecting drinks, snacks etc from the bar.
  4. Payment for consumables should be by Credit/Debit card wherever possible and the minimum card transaction has been reduced to 60p in order to facilitate this.
  5. All glasses should be returned to the Bar and disposable items e.g. crisp packets, sweet wrappers, drinks cans etc. and put in the appropriate waste bin provided before leaving the premises.
  6. The Bar at the Centre will close promptly at 11pm with last orders at 10pm and is only able to serve non-alcoholic drinks at this time.
  7. On arrival at the Centre please give your name to the Bar Steward in order to confirm your booking and for logging onto the table allocation sheets. This will facilitate any track and trace requirements should the Centre be required to supply such information.
  8. The lounge has been reorganised to ensure social distancing in accordance with the 1m+ rule. Under no circumstances should you re-arrange the furniture which will invalidate the social distancing measurements.
  9. Only one person to be allowed in the toilet area at a time so please use the sign attached to the door to indicate if it in use. Remember to reverse the sign on leaving the toilet.
  10. Players in the lounge should not ‘mingle’ with players from other tables and keep social distancing in mind as advised by TTE in order to meet Government directives.
  11. It is recommended that face masks are worn by non players in the lounge but it is up to you to decide if you feel that wearing a mask will compromise your health in any way. Just use common sense.
  12. All players agree to the booking conditions and serious breaches of these may require the offender to leave the premises by the session supervisor.