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Summer League Averages (Last 3 Matches)

Note: These are combined singles and doubles results as used to calculate handicap changes
Click on player to see individual resultsGames PlayedPoints ForPoints AgainstAvg %
Shukla, Deepesh (The Fundamentals)1220483.3%
Nicolaou, Kristian (Naan.)1219579.2%
Toumbas, Gill (The Rolling Bones)1218.55.577.1%
Fernback, Guy (TT Amigos)1218675%
Atas, Fuat (Table Tenners)1218675%
Walters, Daniel (Dads Army)1217.56.572.9%
Armsby, Lynda (Nifty Netters)1217770.8%
Botelho, Tony (TT Amigos)1217770.8%
Kleanthous, Ross (Naan.)1216.57.568.8%
Forbes, John (The Motley Crew)1216.57.568.8%
Savjani, Avnish (London Pride)1216866.7%
Selo, Simon (Simply the Rest)1216866.7%
Birkett, David (G Force)1215.58.564.6%
Lam, Martin (Redfit)1215.58.564.6%
Patel, Vimal (Redfit)1215.58.564.6%
Nash, Sandy (Simply the Rest)1215.58.564.6%
Moschidis, Thomas (The Spartans)1215.58.564.6%
Cocks, Dave (The Troublemakers)1215.58.564.6%
Josephs, Harley (EBATT Youth)1215.58.564.6%
Chan, Kevin (The Fundamentals)1215.58.564.6%
Esposito, Geno (G Force)1215962.5%
Raja, Saf (Diversity)1215962.5%
Nicolaou, Bambos (Naan.)1215962.5%
Patel, Rishi (Redfit)1215962.5%
Check, Lawrence (The Racketeers)1215962.5%
Boardman, Mike (Adeyfield)1215962.5%
Brown, John (G Force)1214.59.560.4%
Landry, Angelica (London Pride)1214.59.560.4%
Tempest, Roy (The Rolling Bones)12141058.3%
Ferris, Alan (London Pride)12141058.3%
Lanzi, Joshua (TT Amigos)12141058.3%
Capocci, Dino (Table Tenners)12141058.3%
Thorne, Denzyl (Simply the Rest)12141058.3%
Rodericks, Suri (Chocoholics)12141058.3%
Dawes, Matt (Diversity)1213.510.556.3%
Nicolaou, Nick (Naan.)1213.510.556.3%
Bayman, Peter (Simply the Rest)1213.510.556.3%
Carter, Alan (Simply the Rest)1213.510.556.3%
Jolly, Paul (The Troublemakers)1213.510.556.3%
Charles, John (The Racketeers)1213.510.556.3%
Greenberg, Coby (EBATT Youth)1213.510.556.3%
Gelb, Josh (EBATT Youth)1213.510.556.3%
Brown, Tony (Diversity)12131154.2%
Dubiner, Dudi (Diversity)12131154.2%
Wong, Les (Diversity)12131154.2%
Henning, David (The Fundamentals)12131154.2%
Hacking, Nick (TT Amigos)12131154.2%
Hathway, Kevin (The Motley Crew)12131154.2%
Parker, Keith (The Spartans)12131154.2%
Shalson, Tyler (EBATT Youth)12131154.2%
Jones, Jeremy (Adeyfield)12131154.2%
Thomas, Allen (G Force)1212.511.552.1%
McCleary, Ross (G Force)1212.511.552.1%
Hellman, Yvonne (Nifty Netters)1212.511.552.1%
Johnson, Louise (Ells Bells)1212.511.552.1%
Clarke-Williams, Jeremy (Ells Bells)1212.511.552.1%
Aimey, Fiona (The Fundamentals)1212.511.552.1%
Collins, Michael (The Motley Crew)1212.511.552.1%
Lambert, David (The A Team)1212.511.552.1%
Mablin, Ian (Inception)1212.511.552.1%
Ginn, John (Cobra Cowboys)12121250%
Hamilton, James (The Fundamentals)12121250%
Patel, Paresh (The Fundamentals)12121250%
Landau, Stephen (The A Team)12121250%
Zentner, Laurence (The Racketeers)12121250%
Kmiecik, Michal (The Racketeers)12121250%
Low, Cassandra (Diversity)1211.512.547.9%
Marques, Valter (The Rolling Bones)1211.512.547.9%
Kenny-Tempest, Catherine (Nifty Netters)1211.512.547.9%
Cross, Steve (Ells Bells)1211.512.547.9%
Moreno, Jose (TT Amigos)1211.512.547.9%
Cai, Leo (Redfit)1211.512.547.9%
Hyman, Terry (The A Team)1211.512.547.9%
Walsh, Aidan (The Troublemakers)1211.512.547.9%
Sparrow, Margaret (Chocoholics)1211.512.547.9%
Finn, Nigel (Adeyfield)1211.512.547.9%
Gordon, Victor (Chocoholics)1211.512.547.9%
Birtill, Paul (Table Tenners)12111345.8%
Larionenka, Max (Table Tenners)12111345.8%
Troward, Ollie (The A Team)12111345.8%
Garrett, Tony (Kidston)12111345.8%
Tibbles, Colin (The Troublemakers)12111345.8%
Radiven, Jo (Inception)12111345.8%
Shum, Tony (Inception)12111345.8%
Alley, Bill (Chocoholics)12111345.8%
Apicella, Martin (London Pride)1210.513.543.8%
Nelson, June (Ells Bells)1210.513.543.8%
Jordan, Keith (The Motley Crew)1210.513.543.8%
Carver, Richard (Simply the Rest)1210.513.543.8%
Rajdev, Nitin (Naan.)1210.513.543.8%
Harris, Greig (G Force)12101441.7%
Mistri, Kiran (Diversity)12101441.7%
Blackwell, Lorna (Nifty Netters)12101441.7%
Nicolaou, Dominic (Naan.)12101441.7%
Yang, Jun (Ells Bells)12101441.7%
Laun, Mischa (Redfit)12101441.7%
Yeo, Timothy (The Spartans)12101441.7%
Hall, Peter (Kidston)12101441.7%
Leech, Les (Adeyfield)12101441.7%
Colman, Nigel (The Motley Crew)12101441.7%
Bowe, Bill (Cobra Cowboys)129.514.539.6%
Nabarro, Dean (Dads Army)129.514.539.6%
Mindlin, Jeff (Dads Army)129.514.539.6%
Lynch, Mike (Kidston)129.514.539.6%
Banner, Jamie (The Troublemakers)129.514.539.6%
Marinov, Martin (Inception)129.514.539.6%
Okundalaiye, Yomi (The Racketeers)129.514.539.6%
Bloom, Ian (The Rolling Bones)1291537.5%
Critoph, John (Table Tenners)1291537.5%
Hunter, Alan (Dads Army)1291537.5%
Grayson, Jose (Dads Army)1291537.5%
Waddingham, Graham (Kidston)1291537.5%
Pini, Adrian (Kidston)1291537.5%
Cross, Brent (The Troublemakers)1291537.5%
Andrews, Bob (Adeyfield)1291537.5%
Norman, Derek (The A Team)128.515.535.4%
Forbes, Linda (Nifty Netters)1281633.3%
Hayward, Maureen (Nifty Netters)1281633.3%
Chouhan, Dinesh (Table Tenners)1281633.3%
Haghani, Toofan (Nifty Netters)127.516.531.3%
Parker, Simon (Kidston)127.516.531.3%
Helman, Steven (Kidston)1271729.2%
Shirman, Ed (Chocoholics)1271729.2%
Barbarash, Richard (Dads Army)126.517.527.1%
Jameson, Simon (Adeyfield)126.517.527.1%
Satney, Stan (The Spartans)1261825%
Middleton, David (Adeyfield)1261825%
Ray, Brian (Cobra Cowboys)125.518.522.9%
Greenberg, Eden (EBATT Youth)125.518.522.9%
Platt, Coby (EBATT Youth)124.519.518.8%
Jordan, Billie (Cobra Cowboys)123.520.514.6%