Summer League Handicap Rules


  1. All teams will be incorporated into one division, each team playing all other teams once.
  2. All teams will be expected to field a full team of 3 players for each match.
  3. No player can be registered for more than one team.
  4. A Captain may only be Captain of one team.
  5. As this is a handicap league, any registered player may play on occasions for any other team.
  6. Matches with only 2 players on either team will not be permitted. Where Captains are short for any match they may ask any other registered players from any team to stand in, providing the other player’s Captain is in agreement.
  7. Any new players for registration must be put forward to the Committee at least 5 days beforehand.
  8. When required, assistance may be obtained from the Committee or Bar Staff to provide contact numbers for other players willing to play subject to the approval of their Captain.
  9. All matches are played at the Barnet Table Tennis centre.
  10. The teams will take it in turns to umpire the games, starting with the home team. The home team should provide the match ball.
  11. Cancellation of matches is not permitted and all matches should be played as per the fixture list.
  12. A minimum of 5 players should initially be registered for each team. Further players may be added later.
  13. Players playing in the last 3 matches of the season must be registered to the team they are playing for and have played in at least 3 previous matches – prior to the
  14. last 3. Penalty for breach of this rule – loss of any points gained by the offending player. Any exception must be at the Committee’s approval and discretion.
  15. A £4.00 registration fee is required for each player before a handicap is allocated and they are eligible to play. The match/table fee is £4 per person per match, payable by each individual player on the night.
  16. If at the end of the Season the teams placed first and second, or third, are tied on points the final positions will first be decided on the number of matches won. If still a tie, then by the number of matches drawn, and then followed by the cumulative head-to-head results between the tied teams. If still a tie, then joint trophies would be awarded to the 2 tied teams.